Welcome to Five Rings Online! Hopefully you’ve had some time to chat with other players and staff on our Discord server. If you haven’t perhaps you’d like to do those things first?

If you’re ready to register, please keep the following points in mind:

Information entered into your registration form will be automatically saved to your profile. You can reveal fields to friends, or to all users if you like.

The form is rather long, but your answers don’t need to be novel length. By giving questions individually, we hope that you can choose to share some of your replies with other players as they learn more about you in game, but keep other information private as you see fit.

You may absolutely save and continue at another time.

And, lastly, but most importantly: Your answers here are considered your back story. Any important information you do not include in your answers will not be considered official. The default assumption for any missing information is that you’ve lived a normal, not particularly notable life until you were called to war.

Use your correct character name when you fill out the form. (And probably leave a note somewhere about your Discord handle. Oops.)

Click here to apply for FROX.