Letter from Karo Kakita Komichi to Daidoji Isamu

“Daidoji Isamu,

Our ancestral lands are, of course, well. The harvest was exceptional this year, and we plan to share the surplus with the neighboring provinces. One hopes that your arrival in Shiro Kitsuki was safe.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept your petition to marry Otaku Neko. While one appreciates the… initiative that you show, it is simply not possible for us to redact the arrangements already made on your behalf. Though, this is a good time to note that those arrangements tie into your presence in the Winter Court of the Kitsuki family. Our family has seen fit to arrange your marriage to Kitsuki Rika, of the Dragon Clan, at the conclusion of Winter Court. We have already finished making the arrangements, and she will be blessed to join our Clan once it has concluded.

Blessings of the Crane upon you,

Kakita Komichi, Karo”