House Rules And Player Expectations

Player Expectations:

Players who manipulate information OOC to their advantage in any fashion, attempt to use OOC coercion to change the behavior of players, challenge the GM staff in rulings, break the code of conduct, and refuse to contribute to the collective roleplaying environment will be excused from the game.

Code of Conduct:

  1. No Metagaming – To use OOC information or information your character should not be privileged to IC to gain unfair advantage. Focus on the unfair advantage part of that. Inviting a new player in the lobby to RP even though you would have little reason to know them OOC is fine as it is not an example of exploiting an unfair advantage.
  2. Off Scene RP – Keep the lewd to your DMs. Any relationships sexual or otherwise that occur off the server are not the concern of the GMs.
  3. Respect – We are all adults here and thus expect people to be respectful to each other. If someone requests a change in tone due to feeling antagonized or degraded, players are expected to respond accordingly to this behavior warning. Remember, one can always log off, cool down, and return with a fresher outlook. Contact a GM if you feel there is some injustice occurring as we are here to listen your complaints.
  4. Inclusive – This is a game with many different players of different backgrounds and roleplaying experiences. Discrimination on the basis of race, religion, sex, political affiliation, sexual orientation, or nationality will not be tolerated under any circumstances. If one is feeling unsafe or anxious, please contact a GM and anyone who feels another player might be in a bad spot with regard to the above please contact a GM.
  5.  Playing the Field – This is the term for when a player goes to one GM, that GM denies the player his/her want, and then goes to the other GM to try the request again. This action pits two GMs against each other and the manipulation of the GMs in this fashion is not tolerated. If you feel a ruling made is unfair, or have discovered a way to re-pitch it, do so in front of the GM responsible for the call and ask in a second opinion.
  6. Participation – We expect you to take some of the onus of your character story on yourself. Refusing to go IC and then complaining about not having the IC opportunities of other players who are more active is something that makes the game unfun for everyone.