Honen Matsuri

I attended the honen matsuri in the land of the Lion today. In another life I may have wished to be in different company, but as it were I found myself entering the contests with a Crane woman who seemed lonely. Asahina Natsue-sama was an able samurai, despite her missing arm. Quick with banter and with her sword. She kissed me twice during one of the games, and I am not so sure it was an accident the second time. We were fortunate to win one of the prizes, and parted on good terms.

Later I ran across the ronin Masa and Lady Doji Izumi. Masa had, on another day, persuaded me to look into recruitment to fight for the Crane. As we spoke of this, Izumi-sama intimated she wished to test me for her own purposes. I have agreed to meet with her tomorrow and see what this is about. A politically connected patron is not the worst I could do with when I need a roof over my head and food in my belly, before the war recommences in earnest.

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