Political Challenge: The War of Orphans (Week 1)

June 23, 2019 @ 12:00 am – June 29, 2019 @ 12:15 am
Political Challenge: The War of Orphans (Week 1)
A young boy, maybe 10 years old, quietly stares up at the rice being set out for purchase in the stalls of the market place. His kimono is shabby though once was well made, the mon of the Dragon clan visible though worn.
There are many such unfortunate children in the city these days, orphaned by circumstance, disease, and war. While there has been a haphazard method of taking care of their own no official policy has been decided beyond the charity of whoever has passed by. Some have turned to begging. Some have turned to stealing. Some grow thin and wan in the streets, waiting for the day to be old enough to join the scouts or the military and thus be assured their daily meal. Still others have taken up the trade of heimin in order to work for coin, blurring the lines of which children belong to a noble ancestry and which children are peasants.
While initially the situation was able to be politely ignored things have grown to a fever pitch ever since one young girl claiming to be Hida Makiko though bearing no proof of her parentage was caught having stolen a bag of rice. The crime is clear, however, Makiko herself is a wisp of a girl barely more than 8 years old and as a result many call for leniency – however she is but one of many. Something must be done


  • A challenge is presented here and posted in the “Political Challenge” Discord channel
  • Players label their roll and roll once to Make Proposal and send it in a private message to Gumiho
    • Hitting the TN counts as 1 point, each raise past the TN counts as an additional point.
    • If multiple people support the same proposal, all of their raises are added together
  • The three most successful proposals will move on to the investigation stage in Week 2