Political Challenge: The Path of Shinjitsu no Hoshi (Week 3)

June 16, 2019 @ 12:00 am – June 22, 2019 @ 12:15 am
Political Challenge: The Path of Shinjitsu no Hoshi (Week 3)
In dark times like these, who could blame them? People are eager for a speck of hope and The Path of the Truthful Star promises just that; a guiding light of hope in the darkness.
A ronin, known as Etsuji claims to have had a holy revelation while he was meditating on night under the open sky where the stars whispered secrets to him they previously could not reveal due to the tyranny of Lady Sun and Lord Moon. They named Etsuji their prophet and commanded him to seek out followers to this new way to bring hope to Rokugan and in exchange for their worship the stars would protect his followers with their light to drive back the darkness.
Etsuji followed the command of the stars and has steadily and surely been spreading the word of this new religion where he could and slowly but surely people began to listen. Now, his followers can be found all throughout Kyuden Ashinagabachi selling their wares: charms and teas to ward off evil, teaching their purification practices, tending to the ill and injured, telling fortunes and giving prophecies, and spreading the tenets of their religion. Recognizable by the wooden stars they wear tied around their neck, the heimin and hinin following this path seem to be uniquely happy individuals, unshaken by even the most sudden announcement of danger in public. Their primary belief seems to be as follow: though Lady Sun and Lord Moon have abandoned Ningendo the stars still cut through the illusory power of the darkness – the blessed souls of ancestors who forsook reincarnation to watch from above and try to offer us truths that they have heard whispered from heaven over the eras. When they die, they will go to meet their ancestors and help fight against the darkness, too.
The samurai of Wasp Castle have not yet quite figured out what to make of this strange turn of events. Peasant superstitions have never been the source of concern for many samurai and the Path of Shinjutsu no Hoshi was no different… until a few samurai were seen wearing those charms themselves and now quiet debate echoes through the halls with the insistence that something must be done.


  • Players label their roll with which proposal they are supporting roll once to Support a Proposal
    • The raises of all of the people supporting the same roll are added together to determine the most support.
    • This represents speaking to people out and about town and getting them on board with your proposal.
    • Rolls without raises are considered as 1, your first raise is 2, and so on.
  • The most supported proposal is put into play and announced here.
    • Glory/Infamy may be rewarded for people who have successful proposals to the Resistance.
  • The GM staff write a denouement about what happened as a result and adjust the City Maintenance stats accordingly.