Nocturnal Snarl (Part 3)

Postponing confrontation with the tainted beasts, the war council had decided to directly confront a major obstacle disrupting their operations. A group of bounty hunter ronin were hired by the obsidian legion. The glint of koku motivates these killers to traverse these accursed woods for the heads of renegades. A strike team of samurai moves swiftly through the night to assault these mercenaries. With them out of the way the resistance will be free to address the larger issue of tainted monstrosities as they see fit.

(This will be a heavy combat scene. By design these ronin are estimated to be at or close to equal level with the players. A foe meant to punish players for lacking subtlety during missions is instead being invaded outright so yeah it’s a tough fight. Player death, permanent injury, and capture are very real possibilities.)

Please respond to Game Info to accept this mission!