Whispers run through the halls of Kyuden Ashinagabachi, though that is standard faire. The topic this time always draws more attention every time it comes up. The Last Black Scroll. Rumors of where it could be located always are spoken of, but leads are far between. This is one of those times.

Off in what use to be the Crane lands, there is supposably some residents that have seen suspicious activity. Patrols nearby that come to take supplies where as they use to be ignored near entirely. Obsidian and metals being taken by. But more interestingly, a final guarded caravan before the patrols stopped entirely once more.

While at best finding the scroll means walking head first into danger, and at worst it ends up being a dead end, it would be foolish to not follow up on it. That’s at least the take by Usagi Chiyo. With the wasp not immediately interested in the random peasant rumor, the Hare has taken it upon herself to gather a group together to investigate.