Jun 8 @ 8:15 am
Nocturnal Snarl
8:15 am
This story arc is, by design, meant to appeal to scouts, bushi, and any character involved with the spirituality of nature. This scene is to simply introduce the issue and will not include the actual challenges / encounters of the issue until later scenes in the week. Please respond to Game Info to accept this ... Read more
Nocturnal Snarl (Part 2)
9:00 pm
This will be a small scene to discuss and develop a plan of action on how to address the issue of displaced animals but more importantly beasts corrupted with the taint rampaging through the land. Scene itself is estimated to be two hours. All are welcome and participation in part 1 is not required to ... Read more
Nocturnal Snarl (Part 3)
6:00 pm
Postponing confrontation with the tainted beasts, the war council had decided to directly confront a major obstacle disrupting their operations. A group of bounty hunter ronin were hired by the obsidian legion. The glint of koku motivates these killers to traverse these accursed woods for the heads of renegades. A strike team of samurai moves ... Read more