Running List of Disadvantages


Dark Secret: Tanpopo’s parents and 5 older siblings are/were all Maho-Tsukai (up to the GMs to decide who’s still alive!)

Phobia II: is of spiritual impurity: avoids blood/bare flesh (including red meat) and is put off by any who interact directly with it (eta and meat-eaters – won’t like being near Yakitori, for example). Visible contusions on others and himself, or the sight of his own blood, will set off the Disadvantage as well.

Shiken: A Visual Analysis

Just shy of six foot tall and solidly built with a clean shaven face and short cropped black hair. His body is home to a multitude of scars, some of which are from weapons and others which are clearly from some kind of animal. Shiken’s eyes are dark, almost black, brown, and he seems to rarely blink. His voice is deep, somewhat rough, and he speaks in a cold, level tone to everyone but Ume, who is treated with obvious respect and just a hint of affection.


So this is where I will be living for a while.It was well  into the afternoon It is a nice camp.  Well laid out and secure. I was directed to female section and after presenting myself to the Gunso I was assigned to my barrack.  I took the time to prepare my gear and  get to my other duties in the barracks.

As I worked I heard someone leading a unit in drill.  But I stayed with this task. As it was needed.  A couple of hours of work and I was done. I then stepped out to see a few people returning and stepped out to see the camp for myself.

I would go more into detail but night is upon me and are the day’s marching and the work makes sleep most welcomed. Oh I need to write to that Nokodo  but that is for later.