A Pair of Letters for Kitsu Ise Kozume

To a vanguard of the Spiritual leaders of the Lion,

Our contact has been brief, but Matsu Koritome Tanpopo wishes to ask about matters pertaining to the Kitsu, in this case with regard to his own situation. I wish to hear from my Ancestors about what I should do with the family line and I am given to understand that some among them would have the ability to put me into contact with them. I am aware that you are not a Shugenja of the Kitsu yourself, but perhaps you would have met a Sodan Senzo you could ask?

Fortunes carry your soul,



To the bold and efficient Kitsu Ise Kozume,

Matsu Koritome Tanpopo writes again, this time with a more general matter pertaining to the Kitsu: I wish to make an arrangement for recurring School exchanges between the Phoenix and the Lion ((I mean where Lion get trained at a Phoenix School and vice-versa)); I anticipate that, given the chance, the Phoenix would want to send a few students to train with the Kitsu and I need to determine if this would be possible. I will also be reaching out to the Ikoma, but if my hunch, based on having grown up surrounded by Phoenix, is correct, the terms would be far more agreeable with the opportunity to send students to train with the Kitsu.

May you ever find yourself in favour with your Ancestors,