A Letter From Daidoji Isamu to his daimyo.


As autumn turns to winter, does your servant, Daidoji Isamu, send his greetings. This one hopes all is well with your family and our lands back home as this one heads to court in Dragon lands.

I had hoped not to bother you for anything, but I have a humble request. I wish, once my duties are over in the war, to be permitted to marry Otaku Neko of the Unicorn clan. Due to her family’s traditions, I would have to marry in her family, and this one does not want to deprive his lord of his talents during war time. Once the matter of the war is settled however, this one feels this is a good match for him. It would strength our ties to the the Unicorn clan, and they would get a capable shugenja in return. Normally this one would write his parents, but they are busy managing their lands and this one has not received replies to his correspondence in some time.

If Daidoji-domo could permit this a merit of reply of his approval or disapproval of this one’s engagement, this one would be grateful.

Fortunes favor you, your servant,

Daidoji Isamu

Shugenja Healer of the Asahina, Hohei of the Crane