From the Desk of Kitsuki Kaiden, Yoriki to Bayushi Bantaru to the Offices of the Emerald Magistrates on the Day of the Rat in the Year 997.


Per the orders that Bayushi-sama and I received back in Otosan Uichi, I have made my way to the war front to begin observations and report back. This will be the first such report, and as such will have only my initial observations, as well as some grave news that I must convey before I move on to further reports.

First, and perhaps foremost, I must report on the untimely death of Magistrate Bayushi Bantaru, who was ambushed as we approached the warzone by a group of bandits. Bayushi-sama ordered me to get out of the combat alive, and the last I saw he was trying to fight but fell. As such, I am attempting to fulfil his duties and obligations, particularly these reports which I hope will shed some light on the current state of affairs and whether further intervention is needed.

You will be pleased to note that I have found no egregious signs of a breaking of the treaty as drafted by the Imperial families. In fact;

1. All prisoners have been well taken care of to the best of my knowledge and abilities. One prisoner was able to provide me with a schedule, which I have attached to the best of my memory.

2. There does appear to be an presence by the Imperial families in maintaining a Neutral Zone of sorts. Whether this is meant to be a demilitarized zone remains to be seen – One of my top priorities will be to talk to Otomo Shimahime, who is in charge, about what is in place and what we can help with.

3. There are no documented cases of violence or abuse with the Heimin within the warzone.

Leading me to believe that most articles are being attended to with the utmost caution and care by the Clans. However, a number of things have concerned me:

  1. There seems to be a number of ‘volunteers’ from neutral clans both major and minor that present complications. Could be worth following up with clans as to whether they have knowledge of this.
  2. The current state amongst the nearby villages is that of a small amount of panic, and whilst this is not in and of itself a bad thing, I do believe it warrants further investigation.
  3. Likely deserters and dissatisfied soldiers forming bandit and ronin groups as the war wears on.

As I said, this is merely a preliminary report, and as such I will continue investigations to see whether there is more to all of these matters unless orders change.

Walk in the Light of the Son of Heaven,


Kitsuki Kaiden